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How can I download all Docs from FaceBook Group? / Cómo puedo descargar multiples archivos o docs de un grupo de Facebook?

How can I download all Docs from FaceBook Group?
A friend of mine want to download the docs(existing) from his own FaceBook Group. He wants to download all the docs at once and he says it important Indeed, I need the same option to download some of my docs from my own group. Does any one have Idea how to do it ?
 Doesn't seem that if FB has that option currently. But I think we can have a custom app for that Could any one help me with it ?

 You can do it with Graph API.

 1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer/
 2.First you need to find group id
 3.Press 'Get Access Token' button
4.Select 'user_groups' permission
5.Type 'me?fields=groups' in API field and press 'Submit' button
 6.Now you should be able to see your groups
7.Select id of the desired group (146797922030397 for example) and use it in the next API call '146797922030397?fields=docs{message,subject}'
8.Now you should be able to see group documents
9.Mind the pagination - in case you have more than 25 document the result will be paginated
10.You have all steps to automate the process :)

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