viernes, noviembre 05, 2004

Ahora persiguen a los que intercambian películas

Si no fuera por el intercambio de películas no hubiese podido ver MIFUNE - jamás estrenada en Lima - maldita sea, y ahora estos quieren meter a todos los que intercambiamos en cana.

¿Ahora con Bush como será?
Lea el texto completo desde aquí

"Studios to Begin Suing
Illegal Film File Swappers

Governor, Legislators, Studio Executives, Union Leaders, Filmmakers and Others
Back Movie Industry in Actions Against Traffickers

LOS ANGELES - The Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. today announced its
lawyers will expand the MPAA’s campaign to prevent film piracy, working with its
members and other film studios to file lawsuits against people who have illegally traded
“Illegal movie trafficking represents the greatest threat to the economic basis of moviemaking
in its 110-year history,” said MPAA President and CEO Dan Glickman, who was
joined during the announcement by studio executives, union leaders, filmmakers and
others. “People who have been stealing our movies believe they are anonymous on the
Internet, and wouldn’t be held responsible for their actions. They are wrong. We know
who they are, and we will go after them, as these suits will prove."

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