martes, octubre 23, 2007

Música Grime !

Alan me contaba de este género musical... GRIME:

Grime music is typified by sparse and minimalist 2-step breakbeats, generally around 130-145 beats per minute, and an aggressive and fast rapping style - often in double time. The lyrics and music combine futuristic electronic elements; and dark, guttural, growling bass lines. (...)

Due to its experimental nature and diverse stylistic influences, artists involved in the grime scene initially resisted attempts to classify or pigeonhole the style, resulting in a range of different labels, including sublow, 8bar, and eskibeat. Grime is sometimes associated with dubstep, a similar but largely instrumental genre which also evolved from the early 2000s UK garage scene. [wikipedia]

Aquí unos videos que me GRIME music:

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